Some MAS Help, please.

I have created a pkg file with App Wrapper Mini and when I double click on it I get an “Invalid Certificate” error.

Does anybody know why?

In my Keychain Access window the certificate has a red cross with “This certificate was signed by an unknown authority”. It was generated following the Apple guidelines and comes from Apple. Can anybody help me understand what is wrong here?

I’m only familiar with AWM by it’s excellent reputation, but one thing to check is that you have the certificate below installed in your System keychain:

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority

This should have been put in place by Xcode.

I don’t have this. I don’t have Xcode installed.

Is Xcode a requirement?

You will definitely need some of the components included in Xcode. The easiest way to get them would be to install Xcode.

[quote=75259:@Simon Berridge]I don’t have this. I don’t have Xcode installed.

Is Xcode a requirement?[/quote]

Yes, you have to install XCode, and install the Mac App Certificate and Mac Installer certificate from the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of the Member Center.

You may want to read the App Distribution Guide that is there for step by step installation of the certificates.

I am really lost with this.

I don’t know what I need to do. I was under the impression that I just needed AppWrapper Mini and the right certificate fir my apps. I am not an Xcode user or even knowledgeable about the steps needed.

Is there any tutorial on getting through this mire? I thought App Wrapper Mini was supposed to remove these issues for Xojo users…

By the way, the pkg is now crashing!


Take the time to read and follow step by step.


Thank you for the link. I have already been there and read the document but it is based on developing in Xcode and this is a xojo project

When I created my certificate the process said to use Xcode or … Obviously I chose the … option.

So I still have to deploy Xcode?

I believe you need Xcode as it installs some required command line tools that AWM needs to code sign.
Use Key Chain Access(I think this is what it’s called, I’ve got a SWE os x…) in OS X to see if your certs are installed properly.


Follow the instructions for installing the certificates in XCode, then when that is done, you will be able to use App Wrapper Mini to create your pkg and have it properly signed.

You have to understand that although you develop in Xojo, you still have to present your app as if it had been created with XCode. So, just follow the yellow brick road :wink:

Thank you, Michel.

I will do this tomorrow.