Some Links Don't Work in HTMLViewer

My first time playing around with HTMLViewer, and I find some links on some pages don’t work. I’ve tried breakpointing on DocumentBegin, DocumentComplete, Error, and CancelLoad, but none of them fire when I click the links. My test page is, which loads fine. Under the top banner there are a bunch of text links, and these do work to bring up the various thumbnail previews for the selected category. The selected thumbnail highlights in the HTMLViewer, but the link is not followed. In the main embedded video of the page is a link for “Watch on YouTube”; this link also does not work. In Chrome, all of these links look normal and innocuous in the link target preview at the bottom of the page, and if I copy any of these links from Chrome and then paste them into my HTMLViewer’s target URL, the HTMLViewer does display them properly, so it’s not an issue of incompatible content - the links just aren’t being followed.

Am I missing something, or should I file a feedback report?

2018r1 under HighSierra

I love the American Eagles (the ones with white head). Are-the image live ?
I followed a documentary months ago where they said it is hard for a mother Eagle to keep two babies alive at the same time :frowning:

I get the sound too (wind mainly + some bird “singing”).

Behavior -> Renderer: Native or WebKit ?

BTW: Even after closing the tab, the sound of the wind still is in the loudspeakers…

:smiley: I have a dedicated monitor at work that always has a nature cam on, it is extremely calming and educative. I started with eagles, but eventually watching them kill live prey was too disturbing, and I switched to the Farm Sanctuary where I watch sheep, goats, deer, etc. Also love the Donkey sanctuary. So peaceful to watch these animals go about their daily lives.

Anyway, back to the problem. I’m using the Native renderer - I thought WebKit was only a Windows thing.

I had a canvas on top of the HTMLViewer in order to intercept contextual clicks; when I removed that, the thumbnail links started working, but the YouTube link still doesn’t work.

Most of the best explore images are live, sometimes when the feed is down you get “highlights”. Funny, I have no interest in highlights, only live. Another good one I forgot to mention is the Kelp Forest off the coast of California.

Did tou tried WebKit ?

I forgot the details, but I got troubles (many troubles) with the default value, and they disappears once I used WebKit.

I do not know where the project is, so I cannot really help. Sorry.

It’s JavaScript doing it, so it does not fire any of the external events. That said, I tried on Mac High Sierra with 2017R2.1, and it works just fine.

On PC, you may need to set the newer rendition engine. See Use Newer Version of Internet Explorer with WebBrowser and HTMLViewer – Xojo Programming Blog

You can also try to switch renderer to WebKit.

It works just fine here, with native renderer. Anyway, on Mac, it remains the same renderer.

Wait, what? The YouTube link works for you???

The Youtube link has a target to open in a new tab or new window. In HTMLViewer, it triggers the NewWindow event.

[quote=385422:@Michel Bujardet]The Youtube link has a target to open in a new tab or new window. In HTMLViewer, it triggers the NewWindow event.[/quote]
Merci, Michel!

It doesn’t explain why the canvas over the HTMLViewer stopped some other links from working, but that’s obviously a separate issue.