Some ideas and suggestions about XOJO

I am a XOJO User have been 5 years, and bought two XOJO Account. and I am a small IT Company owner in P.R.C.

I very love XOJO, but I also love Xamarin, B4X,

These 3 IDE have its advantages and disadvantages, Xamarin have better 3rd component development system, have good Nuget tool, have component store, and it is document library is good.

XOJO have a very good Web development framework, I love it , but when I develop cross platform desktop applications. I usually use GTK# Framework, why?

  1. Xamarin Studio have good code-viewer, we can see a class’s all code in a window, could XOJO have a way to view it?

2.Xamarin Studio have good tool for linking 3rd component developer, like NuGet, xamarin component store. 's Document is better and detailed.

  1. do the future XOJO Framework have some good and esay-to-use classes like .NET Framework 's System.Collections.Generic namespace?

B.T.W, do you have a plan to make a Xojo Android framework?

some small suggestions.


This is already 2nd in the top feature requests. <>. You may want to add your vote.

Every time the subject comes up here, the answer is that it is not on the table yet, but not out of question either. Together with the major issue that Java is too easy to decompile (never stopped VB AFAIK).

That said, B4A is pretty decent. I find it close enough to make development easy for someone who is familiar with Xojo.

Just a question: is B4A fully object oriented ?

BTW\: no plans to move that way, just interested.

I don’t know what ’ fully object oriented’ means, really. B4A has classes, methods, libraries (call them plugins) and strong types. It is very similar to Xojo.

I am not a specialist, mind you. There are people here who use B4A much more often than I do.

why not give some developers full-code viewer like Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio?

One must bear in mind, this is XOJO, this is Not Xamarin, this is not Visual Studio, nor is is any other [enter programming language name here]. It is/was designed to work in a manner that the designers felt was best, and has been refined over the years based on feedback from people like us.
Is it perfect? Does it have all the fancy whistles and bells that others have? No.
But then is Xamarin or VS perfect? Do they do everything that XOJO does? also No.

Each has its own pros and its own cons, and you as a developer and potential customer/client need to decide if the tool is the right one for you based on the feature set available today.

From my point of view. I use XOJO for all my desktop oriented work, both for OS X and Windows, but I do not feel that the iOS product is anywhere near mature enough for prime time, and as such am devoting those efforts towards SWIFT. Again, it was up to me to decide what I felt was right for ME… just as it is up to you to decide for yourself.

as to your direct question

There are (my opinion) much more important items that deserve XOJO resources.

What would be gained ?

You need to get the complete project source ?

Fine !

In the Navigation Pane, be sure to unselect any entry,
then, in the File Menu, choose Print,
if you run OS X, choose Print to PDF.

If you are on WIndows and did not add a PDF virtual writer, add one,
In the File Menu: print (to pdf).

Then you will have a PDF file with all your code, using the colours you already know (the ones from the Code Editor). Plus, you can have all windows in the PDF.

I just do that to my currently open Project and I get 318 pages (according to Preview / OS X), including the windows.

Note that the PDF is TEXT searchable.
And since the object names appears, you can easilly get code from whatever part of your project.

Is this feeling your needs ?

The PDF with images is 1.1MB.

And if all you want/need is a documented version of the complete source code of your project,
there are a few methods to do this, including XJPRINT .

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Did this feets your needs ?