Some general questions about WE Development


Just starting to get into this and a few questions have popped up.

  1. Di U have to upload the entire appication directory each time a do a build or can I just upload the binary?

  2. If my WE app calls a php page and the user hits the Back button, How do you handle that?


If the Xojo version hasn’t changed, and you haven’t added any calls to new plugins, then just the binary is usually sufficient.

If you are “replacing” the WE app with some other page, then going back will re-load the app. Note that this will start the app from the beginning and not return to the page they were viewing, unless you either save & retrieve that information in a cookie, or use a hashtag system to load specific pages.

If you load the other page in another window or tab, then there is no back history. The user will have to close the new tab/window or otherwise switch back to the tab/window where the app is running.

Regarding #2 the back button.

I had my app call another web page, a php file. Then hit back and saw a message about the application being offline.

Was this a debug run? If so, going to another web page will quit the app after about 10 seconds, as that was the only active session. You can override this by setting App.AutoQuit to False, preferably in a #if DebugBuild block.

That explains it.