Some controls not transparent on non-default background

Hi Folks,

I’m porting an older (relatively 12r2.1) app over to Windows and things are quite ugly on some of my screens. Many controls - RadioButton, Checkbox, Slider, and ProgressWheel at least - don’t appear transparent against a non-default background color.

Is it because I’m bringing an older Linux app over to Windows, or is it a framework issue?

Is there an existing feedback report?

put them on top of a rectangle control, that helps considerably form most controls. With My UI I often have to place controls onto of a rectangle control if they are inside of a page panel. The buttons are still going to have a bit of a border but it’s pretty minor.

I found - <>

Apparently, this has been a sore point for some time.

Since I don’t have time to redraw all of these controls, I’ve wrapped my backdrop painting in #if not TargetWin32 … #endif blocks.

Looks odd versus the original, but hey, that’s Windows.