[Solved] Application crash at Window Open time

Windows 10 (last week up to date; not this week)
Xojo 2015r1 compiled for w-Windows Application

I was doing some screen shots for a presentation and when I activate one MenuItem to display another window, the application crashed.

Back to the project, (on my MacBook Pro), I do not found an Open Event in that window.

That window have one Listbox and a serie of PushButtons plus a Label (context sensitive help). Nothing more.

Nothing is done at window open time. The window patiently waits for the user to click in a button. That window is here to display the contents of the associated sqlite data base files to the user. Really nothing fancy.

Memory usage ? Is a Listbox memory hunger ? (I have another application running on that 4 GB of RAM’ laptop; a DVB TV displaying application).

I really do not know where / what I can search.

I will continue tomorrow to make screen shots (and tests) after I made this week’s updates, with no other running application.

I was watching a movie with Bob Dylan (part concert / part Church speach; Slow Train Coming) and I was full of faith.

I fired back the application (unchanged), displayed another window with nearly the same conditions (meant to display a text file instead of sqlite data) and it did not crashed.

So I get some courage and ask for displaying the window that crashed (above): no crash at all; it even display a sqlite db contents !

So, I added [solved] as this conversation prefix to flag it as solved ! ;-:slight_smile: