Solution for 2 slideshows at the same time?

Hello everyone,
Here is my project
I have a folder with photos and videos and a mysqlite database that has each file name.
What would be the simplest solution for you to display all the files in the form of a slideshow with an adjustable scrolling time and another slideshow that would only display the last 3 media?
New media would be added regularly…
Thanks to all.

If you don’t want any animations, you could use an ImageViewer and a timer to change the pictures.

If you want animations, you could use an HTMLViewer with a Javascript animation / slideshow library.

The problem isn’t the display, it’s that you can’t run 2 timers at the same time!

You could have 2 timers running nearly at the same time (one just after the other), but it’s certainly better to have a single timer handling both sideshows.

I’m going to try with a single timer, but it’s a bit more complicated than that as there will be video playback that will exceed the timer interval…

Is this a mysql database or an SQLite database?

Yes you can. My app runs an hourly timer and a separate minute timer.