Hi, I have been using the following code for years which has the purpose of reading a text that contains the number of the latest version of one of my programs, the number is compared with the version of the software in use and if higher it automatically downloads the update. since i made my site secure (form http:// to https:// no longer read text. with another program on another site always https the code works fine.As a solution I could put the text on the other site, but I don’t like it and it doesn’t seem right
testo1 = Socket1.Get (“”, 20)
testo2 = app.Version
testo2 = ReplaceAll (testo2, “.”, “”)
if val (testo1)> val (testo2) then
I also tried this as my site has daily and weekly backups
testo1 = Socket1.Get (“”, 20)
but it doesn’t work the same

I wish everyone a good mid-August

It seems like you’re using the HTTPSecureSocket. If so, try changing the SSLConnectionType property to SSLv23.

HTTPSecureSocket defaults to TLSv1, however this version of TLS is frequently disabled on servers running OpenSSL. This is due to the Heartbleed bug.

Socket1.SSLConnectionType = SSLSocket.SSLConnectionTypes.SSLv23
testo1 = Socket1.Get (“”, 20)

Hello Lambert, I was using a normal socket so I did as you suggested but it still doesn’t work. I added a MessageBox to read testo1, with socketsecur as you advised me testo1 is empty while with normal socket I have this text

Document Movedbody>

Object Moved>/h1>This document may be found>a HREF="" Besides I have tried SSLv23 also with TSvL1, TSvL11 and 12 without success Mario

You need to use URLConnection, it will follow redirects.

Thanks Tim, I took your advice and solved it like this
testo1= WebConnection.SendSync(“GET”,“”,20)