Socket / TextArea disconnect

I had trouble with this before…and managed to get it working…95% of the time. I’m looking for that elusive 5%. I have a shell class which performs a long running process on Linux. The process normally provides feedback via stdout. I have a WebTextArea on my page, and in the Socket “data available” event, I Readall, and Append data to the text of the TextArea

            Dim responsefromshell as String
	responsefromshell = me.ReadAll 

Generally…amazingly…the WebTextArea control actually updates! Woot! – but sometimes the TextArea “seems” to be totally disconnected. I also have a WebProgressWheel that spins until the Shell Complete event fires. My progress wheel never stops. I’m thinking that my shell has decided to stop firing events for some reason. When this occurs, I have to shutdown and relaunch the WebApp on the server. New sessions…different browsers… nothing seems to work once my shell “breaks”. It doesn’t “time out” – If I force the shell to Close… the events all fire and the textbook control updates…and the Progress wheel stops. If you re-run the app…you are again waiting blindly forever (no events coming out of the shell). I’ve not been able to re-produce this running in the debugger. has anyone else seen this and have any idea what I can do about it? Wondering if I need to add a timer to try and force a UI update periodically until the Complete event fires.