Social Posting Code - Twitter etc - Possible Freelance Work

Anyone have any experience coding up against Twitter, FB, Wordpress API’s at all ?

Did find one Twitter reader and a simple Twitter writer on the Xojo Open Source page: Open source projects — Xojo documentation

Really want more of a true posting experience - i.e. including media. Saw that Chilkat has a plugin so anyone with experience including alternatives to Chilkat that’s out there, please let me know.


well concerning twitter, they canceled thirdparty posting, it was talked couple days ago.
there was an old facebook lib don’t know if still available

i’m interrested in this topic too
i was m wondering if one way could be with declares to extend to socials this

Thanks @PhilippeP I saw that too. Earlier today looked on the Twitter site and seemed to me (cursory look) that posting tweets is still supported:

POST /2/tweets | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

What did I miss ?


look the account twitter dev, posted about this couple days ago, with lots of reactions

Yep ok. I have no issue if they want to start charging to use their API which is the way it will probably go, so I’ll prepare on the basis of that and still seek some code or partner to help create some…

Twitter will not not have an API.


That title is misleading to start with. Unless you read the sub-heading it reads like all third party clients are banned.

Still looking to pay someone…

Good luck. I just went through the process of trying to set up something simple for a client and found that a lot of Twitter’s APIs are outright broken.

Chilkat Google-Bombs their results. Searching any trendy few words gets you a Chilkat result, whether there’s any reason for the plugin or not.

Additionally, when I was working on a client project that came to me using Chilkat I found a bug in the plugin. I reported it, but was brushed off and they basically blamed me for their bug. Rude, mean, and condescending.

I do not like Chilkat. They were mean and their support was rude and unhelpful. I dislike the way they take advantage of Xojo users searching for answers. Google bombing should make any expert in searching wary of the quality of their product.

Lastly, even though articles may have to legally tip-toe around their wording, Twitter has effectively banned all third party API access. Their rules and the way reporters write about it may have to be very carefully worded, but any actual Twitter user can tell you the effect.


This. They banned apps that effectively built their platform - tweets weren’t even called tweets before Twitterific - without notice, and without explanation for five days. To rely on Twitter at all in any capacity is a fool’s errand. They’ll change rules and leave you holding your ****.

I think we all expected Space Karen to pull the plug on these clients, but the way it happened is more disgraceful than anybody could have predicted. Usually this stuff happens with notice. Like when Apple killed Dark Sky, they gave something like two years notice. Even 90 days would have been acceptable. But -5 days notice is unbelievable. From a business standpoint, stay far away from anything that relies on Twitter. From a consumer standpoint, I think you should run too, but that’s more personal preference.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Musk at twitter make me think of the only quote from bill gates that is worth remembering:
“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose”


Interesting info re Chilkat @Tim_Parnell. Noted.

Thanks @Thom_McGrath for this. I have been following along with your recent comments re Twitter with interest.

Everyone seems to be thinking in absolute, black and white terms I think. If we accept that Twitter will have a 3rd party api at some point and if so itll not be dissimilar to their current v2, then it pays to be ready.

Noting most of the code including auth will be similar to other services that are planned to be used its a no brainer to do some work on it now.

If what is being built is a straight Twitter client with all bells and whistles like some of these that are now suffering then that is a very different prospect. That is not the case here.

Risk reward is the focus.

I don’t assume there will remain an API forever. And it’s fact that they’ll change things on the whims of a petulant man-child. It’s not something I’d count on.


Oh gee, whoever could have guessed?


Personally, I think the fools errand here is assuming that you’d be able to build even a v2 API without any way to test it. Their docs are not at all clear in some places.

Indeed. No issue with that personally.

Noted @Greg_O . Pays to be ready was my comment :slight_smile:

Nobody ever mentioned building anything with no way to test it.