Hi ( Have already asked similar question using HTTPSocket, now trying simple soapmethod )
Can you guys please help with some SOAP webservice question as I’m new to XOJO .I have to communicate with third party soap webservice with my XOJO application.
Third Party wsdl has 4 operations and need to call one after another. So my focus is how to call the first operation for the time being.
Its takes XML as a request and returns XML response if I try the same in web browser.

dim wsdl As String = “http://…?wsdl”
Dim sm As New SOAPMethod(wsdl)
dim sr as SOAPResult
dim s as string
dim x as string
x = xmldoc.ToString // Xmldoc created as per requirement
s = sm.Method1(x)

Problem - the output of sm.Method1 is not returning complete string, it does return part of it.( part of it matches with the web browser output )

Can you please please suggest me what i’m doing wrong here ?


try Paw with xojo code extensions … will do the job for you !

Thanks Jean, can I know how to decide which framework is supposed to use ?

Hi Jean

When I’m trying the request with PAW its saying service unavailable :frowning:

sorry cannot help you, I have a too old system I cannot use paw,
but I saw here people using it, that found it very nice to use for soap access.

yes i just discovered its user friendly but my bad the third party wsdl is opening n web browser and returning response on request but if I try XOJO or paw doe snot seems to like it
Thank you so much for suggestion, much appreciated

Have used HTTPSocket instead of SOAPMethod and works fine.