A question on XOJO capabilities.

I am looking into a project that will require CTI integration needs. Cisco JTAPI would be utilized for this and may also use SOAP-XML as well. Here is a link to getting started with JTAPI as well as this link an XML overview from Cisco.

Does anyone know if you can use XOJO to code using JTAPI and SOAP-XML? Are there any plugins-add ons that would enable this capability? This effort will need to compile MAC-Windows-Linux applications.



JTAPI is all Java so “Can Xojo use it directly” - no. It’s Java.

The “Getting Started” document is quite large so I skimmed only a portion of it.

It may be possible to use the MBS Java plugin to integrate Xojo with Java but I’ve never done that so I dont know about hiccups or other issues that might arise.

#Norman - thanks. Yes, there is a lot to look at and learn.

If possible this will enable a portion of what I do in XOJO to be used such as db and network aspects. Then I will use JTAPI to interface into the telephony side of things using java as defined and implemented by Cisco. Lets see if Christian mentions something.

I doubt you will have much luck with JTAPI since that it is Java as you know. TAPI could be an option especially since there is a C++ wrapper that may work as a plugin for Xojo possibility. I have not gone down this road, but I have been thinking about it lately as well.

This is a good conversation about a C# coder wanting to do the same thing w/ TAPI and they reference a C++ Wrapper for TAPI 2.X/3.X.

Mike Cotrone - CCIE #8411 Voice, CCIE #8411 R&S

XML/SOAP API’s should be doable for Xojo directly, however I have only used Cisco’s RestFul EoX API thus far, so I am assuming since Xojo supports SOAP.