SOAP Question.

Trying to use the SOAPMethod and have a few questions.
I have a wsdl file i’m trying to figure out what methods are defined in the wsdl file and the parameters for each method.
How do?

this will help you :
but don’t spend too much time on soap methods in xojo they only work with simple parameters
if there are sequences or complex parameters, it simply dont work at all and you get a “parameter error” when you invoke the soapmethod.
you should use instead http(secure)socket.setpostcontent, and then http(secure)

Merci jean-yves.

Are there any severs that I can test against?
It seems that the servers in the example programs aren’t online anymore so I can’t even test those…

the ebay api is a good start ?
there must be also an amazon one, a paypal one.

I would start with something like: