SOAP Not Working

Hey I am trying to connect to a Soap Service but I am not able to get the results I want This is what I have … What I am expecting is the zone name to be returned but it seems to fail at the line Dim sm as New SOAPMethod(“”)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

[code]Dim Username as String
Dim ZoneInfo as String

Dim socket1 as new HTTPSecureSocket = True

Dim sm as New SOAPMethod(“”)

'Dim sm as New SOAPMethod(“”)
'Dim sm as New SOAPMethod(“”)


Username= “

ZoneInfo = sm.getZoneInfo(Username)

ZoneInfoField.text = ZoneInfo[/code]

xojo does not handle soap very well, search for soap on this forum…
better use http(s)sockets for that
it does not handle wsdl declarations and also not complex xml structures
so really not usable most of the time

christian will surely tell you he has good plugin for that :wink:
I did it with httpsockets and it works fine
there are examples on the forum

Thank you … I thought I was using Sockets for this …

I have looked at the Stuff Christian has and its just way too out of my price range to be honest.

the CURL plugin classes can do the transfer.

Our SOAP kit is really for people with a lot of soap calls.
But for just a few functions you’d rather make xml templates and fill the values to send them via CURL.
I do that for some of our client projects, too.

There is a Firefox plugin called SOA Client. It is great for putting together the templates you need.

On a Mac?

Get paw. It generates xojo code for you.

Saved me a lot of time last week!

paw generates code, but I dont see xojo code as possible ?

I did a blog post about it this week with extensions you can download.

[quote=239999:@Greg O’Lone]I did a blog post about it this week with extensions you can download.[/quote]

Try it. It’s worth every Cent! :slight_smile: