SOAP local only - NO http/https available

I am looking at performing SOAP on an application that publishes an AXL TOOLKIT you load locally

Using the currency example the following is used to connect to the WSDL

Dim sm As New SOAPMethod("")

Inside the XOJO folder located inside the Applications folder I have a ‘axl_schema’ folder that contains various folders which enable WSDL connectivity to older versions of the application. The folder I need is ‘current’

So here is the construct I use to connect to the WSDL

Dim sm As New SOAPMethod("Macintosh HD:Applications:Xojo 2014 Release 2:axl_schema:current:AXLAPI.wsdl")

However this never resolves. FYI: This also needs to survive VPN

So… how do you point to a locally loaded WSDL?

maybe you simply upload to a web server?
or run local apache?

Because I think they use HTTPSocket internally and that may not work with local file paths.


Simple. That works