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Someone, can illustrate a simple source code to use SOAPMetodh? I invoke a service that returns more than one result (a list) and i read the first fine, but i have no idea how to navigate to read other values. If i use a service that returns a single record it’s all right, i find problems to read a complex xml more records as result.
Service i’m using is THIS
Thanks for help and ideas.[h]soap xml documentation[/h]

Which method on that service are you trying to call? What does your code look like?

My code is very simple:
Dim sm As New SOAPMethod(“”)
dim sr as new SOAPResult
sm.Parameter(“City”)=“New York”
sr= sm.Invoke(“GetSupplierByCity”)
msgbox sr.Result(“CompanyName”)

dim s as string
s= sr.Result(“GetSupplierByCityResponse”)

Msgbox returns the first company name but after it, i see into the xml (s variable), others company name and i don’t know as showing them.

enough is also a link to study …
Thanks again

The results are mostly XML. I had to strip off part of it to get it to load into an XMLDocument. This code displays all the company names in a ListBox:

  Dim sm As New SOAPMethod("")
  Dim sr As New SOAPResult
  sm.Parameter("City") = "New York"
  sr = sm.Invoke("GetSupplierByCity")
  Dim s As String
  s = sr.Result("GetSupplierByCityResponse")
  // Strip off <GetSupplierByCityResult> section as it messes up the XML
  Dim pos As Integer
  pos = s.InStr("<SupplierDataLists ")
  // Add XML prefix so XML loads properly
  s = "<?xml version=""1.0""?>" + s.Right(s.Len-pos+1)
  Dim xml As New XmlDocument
  Catch e As XmlException
    ErrorArea.Text = e.Message
  End Try
  Dim data As XmlNodeList
  // Find all company names in the XML
  data = xml.Xql("//CompanyName")
  // Loop through results and display them in a ListBox
  Dim item As XmlNode
  For i As Integer = 0 To data.Length-1
    For j As Integer = 0 To data.Item(i).ChildCount-1
      item = data.Item(i).Child(j)

Fantastic Paul, it runs. Now i will study that.

I am trying the same, but i fail. As soon as i call the Invoke, the debugged App crashes (Mac OS X 10.8.x).

I had some limited success implementing a UPnP Network Gateway Device… (Lots of SOAP.)
but never finished the project…

More Info: