So long, folks...

Not going to say anything deconstructive on the path that Xojo is taking (although I’m sure most know how I feel); however, I found that for the most part I’m developing for either Windows or Linux. Because of this, and the strides that Mono has come along with (especially since Microsoft open-sourced the .NET MVC) on the Linux (also MacOS X) platform… I no longer have a need to use Xojo and am moving full-time to Visual Studio. I’ve enjoyed meeting and conversing with a few of you here. As for Xojo, you can remove me from the beta forums. Take care… and best wishes, folks!

Good luck! Thank you for your contributions to the community.

Good luck.

Have fun, and thanks for your contributions here.


Being from cowboy country as you are (Texas), I think a verse or two of “Happy Trails” is in order ^^

Good luck and thank you for your contribution to the Xojo community, Eric:)

Good luck Eric.

I’ve send you a pm.

thank you very much for your contribution to the Xojo community!

Well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out… Seriously, that might hurt and nobody wants that.

Good luck and know there’s always a place for you here.

Good Luck Eric !

Masochists? Sadists?


I wish you a lot of fun.
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