So, how do I get the Navigator to list alphabetically?

I moved my application over from windows 7, using 2011r4.3, to 2015r4 on windows 10.
So, how do I get the Navigator to list alphabetically?

Like items within modules sort alphabetically automatically. At the top level I don’t know of any sort command (haven’t looked) as I prefer to manually drag things around and group them by type.


I WOULD ALSO BE ABLE TO GET THE DROPED ITEM WHERE I DROP IT, NOT AT THE TOP OF THE (sorry for the uppercase) top in the Navigator pane.

It would also be nice to keep the Navigator opens as it was at close time,

It would be nice to not open multiple Tabs when I double-click in an item in the navigator and get the Add Event (or whatever can be useful in context OR nothing)…

It would be nice…

There is a feature request about that :
Provide a way to alphabetically sort project items in the navigator

It is currently 19th. You may want to put points on it.

The navigator sucks.

If only it was just that (that sucks…)

I call it the Discombobulator on anything but a simple project. I have faith though - eventually it will get there.

Let’s hope so. For large projects it’s a pain to use.

What about “Whose Control have currently the Focus’ ?

When you come back to the IDE after a run,
“---------------------------------------------------” adding a Property, Constant, Module, Note, whatever…

Some days I would enjoy pulling my own teeth more than dealing with the Navigator.

Or you double click on a item in the debugger pane: it selects the correct code piece in the editor, but the focus is still in the debugger pane.

It’s an IDE full of panes, sorry: pains…

There are certainly issues, but when I go back to Real Studio, I have turn ON / OFF the unused events constantly. And the bookmarks crash at will on Windows. I’ve gotten to the point where I think it is better and on Windows WITHOUT question infinitely more stable that RS. But I agree, focus issues about in the Xojo IDE abound.

On the Mac there was a shortcut for it (Cmd+–). I really miss that feature too.

Yes, but you don’t need it in Xojo, as you only regularly deal with the events that you have added.