Snow leopard application into Lion

I created a number of applications in Realbasic that run in Snow Leopard. If I upgrade to Xojo can I recompile them to run in Lion+ without having to rewrite them. I have been out of the programming for awhile. Thanks

Why only probably ?
Well do you have a build license ?
Did you use any declares that are specific to SL ?
Did you use any plugins that are specific to SL ?

Those things could impede you but at 50,000 feet “yes” seems plausible

Do your apps not work on Lion+ now?

How easy it is to upgrade to Xojo depends on your apps. One thing to look out for is that threads in Xojo cannot access the user interface. If you’re not doing that, upgrading ought to be pretty easy.

Xojo is free to use for development, so download it and give it a try with your projects.