There is a new Snippets App for OS X called SnippetsLab. It offers iCloud Sync for your Snippets, but is lacking Xojo Syntax Highlighting support.
I already wrote a mail to the developer. If anyone elese here is using this Tool, maybe you could also write a Mail to the developer to motivate him to add Xojo to the supported languages?

Thank you.

I can’t see a shred of information on my phone, since the link goes to the MAS, and the developer appears to have no site of their own. In fact, this thread is the top result for SnippetsLab on Google.

I’ll return to this in the morning when I have get back to my desktop, but so far, I’m unimpressed.


I suppose that’s slightly better. But still no screenshots. I’m not saying it is a bad app. But it’s marketing could be better.

I am not here to discuss their marketing. I just asked for people to help me motivating them to implement Xojo syntax highlighting support. :slight_smile:

Ok, now that I can actually see it, I kind of like it. I’ve been looking for a replacement for CodeBox since the developer abandoned it.

I’m using Dash for my snippets. It is reference and snippet-manager at the same time.

Dash is insanely great. So much so that I’m not even curious about looking for other options. An activity I generally enjoy. It’s how I found xojo (rb at the time).

I have Dash installed, but it’s a program I never found myself using.

I was using Dash until recently - are the new framework docs on there yet?

I use Alfred. When I need to look something up, I just press cmd-space (I took over the Spotlight command) and type “xojo folderitem” and Safari brings up the language reference. I haven’t created a shortcut for the new framework yet, but I have one for Feedback, my bug tracker, php docs, pg docs, the xojo forums, and even netflix.


Always up to date.

I just got an answer from the Developer of SnippetsLab:

[quote]Hello Sascha,

Thank you for your feedback! We will definitely put Xojo syntax highlighting to our todo-list. However, implementing a new language syntax highlighting is not very simple (needs a lot of code/tests), and our current main focus is still on the core, so it may not be available very soon. Stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Renfei Song[/quote]


I like the GUI. I will give it a shot when it has Xojo support.

Dash is really nice and it has “DropBox Support”, but it lacks the ability to offer a “Snippet Selector” when i use the same abbreviation for more then 1 snippet.

Until i’ve found my “perfect” Snippet Manager, i use Keyboard Maestro. Keyboard Maestro has no Syntax Highlighting but is supper flexible :slight_smile:

[h]Keyboard Maestro Snippets[/h]

The major issue I found with all the snippets formulas is that the NUG plus the two forums contain much more than Dash or anything else. In fact, I have been using them as snippet repository for years. I cannot see any program able to support such an amount of collective knowledge.