Snippery 1.2 released, adds Syntax Highlighting and Color Schemes among other improvements!

MADRID (SPAIN) —11 August 2016- Javier Rodríguez ( ) announces the immediate release of Snippery 1.2 for Mac OS X (10.7 and later).

This release adds Syntax Highlighting for HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Xojo programming languages (more to come!); Color Schemes to customize the main editor window background, language keywords and other elements; self-update feature and a new Finder menu item that simplifies even more the creation of a new entry from the selected text into Snippery.

In addition, Snippery 1.2 also includes improvements for seven of previously existing features, and six bug fixes. For example, now it is possible to switch and copy the HTML rendering from the Preview Window.

Read about them in the Release Notes page available at:

Snippery provides the best features from a snippets manager app, mixed with the most useful editing features and salted with a lot of advanced (and very productive!) features oriented to help you every day.

Using Snippery you will save a lot of keystrokes and repetitive work thanks to the “Text Expander” feature! Define text templates, use placeholders, and “expand” them when you need to use them… typing only the text that really changes.

Write your snippets using Markdown syntax, apply style format, insert images, links, tables… and export them as PDF, Word, Pages, RTF or HTML files.

Preview your Snippets (with Markdown syntax, HTML or plain text) with a simple click of the mouse, switching from Preview Mode to Edition Mode on the Main Window… or use the dedicated Preview Window instead.

Save all your private and sensible data from prying eyes thanks to the strong Encryption feature! and, with the automatic Lock feature, all your snippets will be safe when Snippery detects no activity for the adjusted idle time; or force the Lock window with a simple keystroke every time you go away from your Mac!

Filter the listed snippets by the searching criteria you want: any, title, text, tags; for any of the included date presets (day, week, month and year) or by any date range you choose! Then Sort the matching results by creation date, modification date or title in ascending or descending order, and you are done!

Price and Availability
Free for registered users, Snippery 1.2 has a price of 14.95 euros (about US $16) and can be downloaded and purchased directly from at:

Anyone can use Snippery in trial mode, getting a free Trial License with the form available on the product webpage. In trial mode, Snippery is limited to store a maximum of 10 snippets. Besides that, any trial-licensed user can enjoy all the app features without limits!

Visit Snippery’s Webpage to see more information, screenshots and product videos.