Snippery 1.0 Available on the Mac App Store

MADRID (SPAIN) —26 February 2016— Javier Rodríguez ( announces the immediate availability of Snippery 1.0 on the Mac App Store for a US $3.99 (price reduction over the Full version, available for download and purchase on the Snippery’s product page, due to the sandboxing limitations imposed to the app’s Shell Mode functionality).

Snippery allows any user to securely save and categorize all their snippets of text, from a few lines to very big text fragments: written from scratch, imported from HD, downloaded as HTML from the specified URL, or with the output obtained from any Shell session done in Snippery’s Terminal Mode.

These snippet creation modes are powered with a wide set of text edition operations, RegEx support, and some automatizations, as for example the definition and use of text templates with on-the-fly placeholders substitution.

Snippery’s main window is designed to be as clean, fast and functional as possible for the task at hand. This way, it is possible to hide some elements, like the main Toolbar, the Tag section and the Find bar, providing the maximum work area for text edition.

From the security point of view, Snippery users can activate the encryption of the data, and create as many backups as desired.

More information, screenshots and videos showing the some of the main Snippery’s features is available at:

Direct Link to Snippery 1.0 on the Mac App Store:

Sneak preview of Markdown Feature (available with the next release of Snippery):