SMTPSecureSocket Out of Bounds

Is anyone else experiencing an out of bounds exception with SMTPSecureSocket.

This is driving me bananas and is preventing me from updating several projects that work in 2015r3. I don’t want to resort to writing my own tool to send mail or using a plugin so I am just waiting for this to get fixed. I also can’t choose to simply use a non secure connection as all the servers I work with require a secure connection and a user account to relay mail through the server.

If you use SMTPSecureSocket and have run into this, please up vote the bug. I don’t want to have to skip another release due to this issue.

Have the same problem. Is this behavior resolved in 2016.1? I still have the same problems in 2016.1. When I use 2015.R3.1 it works

We got enough information to reproduce that particular report and we are now testing the fix for 2016r2.