SMTPSecureSocket messages

I’m using SMTPSecureSocket in a console app to connect to Gmail. It all works fine, but in the console output I get lots of Gmail messages that look like this:

Feb 24 10:26:46 foo[10058] <Warning>: 220 ESMTP j11sm4989781qta.39 - gsmtp Feb 24 10:26:47 foo[10058] <Warning>: at your service, [] Feb 24 10:26:47 foo[10058] <Warning>: 250-SIZE 35882577 Feb 24 10:26:47 foo[10058] <Warning>: 250-8BITMIME Feb 24 10:26:47 foo[10058] <Warning>: 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN XOAUTH2 PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN OAUTHBEARER XOAUTH Feb 24 10:26:47 foo[10058] <Warning>: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
I don’t have any code that’s sending these messages to the console. Is there any way to stop them? I don’t see a setting on the socket that would prevent this chatty behavior.


I don’t think it’s the socket that is causing the entries, perhaps something to do with the console app?

Ever come up with a solution for this? Experiencing the same thing.

No, sorry. I moved on and let it do its console messages. Never did figure out a way to suppress them.