SMTPSecureSocket IPv6

Does SMTPSecureSocket support IPv6? I can not find any references to this in the documentation. I have an app that has been using SMTPSocket / SMTPSecureSocket for 5-6 years. Recently, however, I’m now starting to see LastErrorCode 103 / NameResolutionError and LastErrorCode 22 / Invalid Argument. In one example, Address = results in LastErrorCode of 103.

Some information regarding this and a possible Workaround offered by @Christian Schmitz :

Well, it’s getting to where a lot of my code are work-arounds these days. Darn… one more to deal with.


Well, if you use MBS Xojo CURL Plugin with CURLSMBS and CURLEmailMBS class to send emails, you have less problems (in my opinion).

Christian, do you have good examples on how to implement your product for sending secure emails? I don’t have much time to try and figure something out that I’m totally unfamiliar with to replace the use of the SMTPSecureSockets that I’m already using.

Thanks in advance.

On the webpage for CURLEmailMBS, you find links to the four examples showing how to do it.
Maybe one helps?

Thank you, Christian. I’ll take a closer look later. But, initially looks similar to Xojo’s.

@Terry Eutsler – are you sure this is an IPv6 problem? Getting a 103 followed by a 22 (which is a disconnect, not Invalid Argument) simply sounds like was unreachable at that moment and the socket closed.