SMTPSecureSocket..ConnectionType = SSLSocket.TLSv13

Hi everyone,

I would like to submit a feature request. TLSv13 is getting basic/standard by now. It would be verry welcome if its been added to the new release in (2022 rel 2.)

I need it for sending EmailMessages.

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TLS 1.2 doesn’t even work correctly, good luck! You can submit an official request through Issues Tracker

I’ve had to use MBS plugins as a workaround.

Edit: I can’t find the ticket for TLS 1.2 being broken, but I did find one requesting TLS 1.3

Hi Tim,

Thank you for pointing me in the official request direction.
MBS is a no-go for me because i use Xojo for non-profit organisations. They have just enough cash for a yearly license.

After far too much digging, I finally found the ticket for TLS 1.2 Xojo: Account Login

It is marked as fixed 1 month ago:

I thought “waiting verification from our testing staff” meant “not fixed and released yet”

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I think “waiting verification” means “fixed and will be on next release unless staff says is not fixed”.

Well lets hope staff says “fixed” AND it’s in next release. :smiley:

I was just looking at the label.


In issues I can see the milestone is R2.

Alberto opened a thread asking if anyone has tested the fix. I’ve moved on to workarounds, so I’m simply watching to see the results.

I do love it when things get fixed!