SMTP sending via OSX server (3.1)

Im looking at the example in the docs to have my Xojo app send mail.

SMTP Socket

Specially this code here:

SMTPSocket1.username = usernameFld.text //get username from TextField SMTPSocket1.password = passwordFld.text //get password from TextField

I am trying to send the mail thru OSX server but the logs tell me that “Relay Access Denied”.

I have tried all method of authentication (Not having a clue which one is appropriate) to no avail.

Have you checked the server config to make sure it is set to allow authenticated users to relay. I think I have run into this before where only local network users will relay. You may also need to use an SMTPSecureSocket as some authentication methods are disallowed over SMTP by default in recent versions.

There are really a lot of config options that could affect this, so if that doesn’t yield any results, you may need to go through the config line by line, or turn on a higher log level to get more info.