SMTP Email Forwarder

Has anyone written an SMTP email forwarder in Xojo? What I want to do is create a service that I can run on one of my internal servers on a different port to normal SMTP which would listen for incoming SMTP and fire a new thread to send the email out using a third party email (Mandrill). The reason I want to do this is that I dont want my internal projects to have to wait for the email to be accepted by the external mail server in effect I want to send it local which will be fast so that the internal software can get on with doing what it needs to do.

I am also open to suggestions of third-party software for Windows that do this already but I need it to be lightweight and does not need to be a full SMTP server etc.

Technically that’s called a SMTP relay and you would use it just like SMTP. For your purposes it sounds like you want to have an email fired off reliably without actually talking to an SMTP Server.

You could set up a PHP script on your site to do this and then just use an HTTP Socket to initiate the PHP script. You could use Temboo which has a SendEmail function and our open source TembooKit has code for. There are multiple ways to do this.

For what I am doing I think I am going to create a little app that runs as a service that polls a database table every minute to see if their are any new rows and in the rows I will insert the email info by using a stored procedure from my console apps and web apps. This will work as I dont have attachments and will also allow me to have a central place where I can define headers and footers to emails being sent so that their is consistent look and feel etc.