Smallest Reasonable Web Page Size?

Hello all.

I am trying to set a reasonable starting, smallest, screen size for web projects. In my case, do not expect an iPhone or Android Phone to work, but certainly an iPad, or Samsung tablet to work. I think their resolution is 1024 x 768. But thought I would ask others, since this is really the first time I am venturing into devices smaller than a notebook computer.

When you have a larger screen than the smallest size, or whatever size trying to use, how to simulate that? Is there a way other than changing the resolution of the screen being used?
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Suggestions/thoughts/ideas are appreciated!


Screen Resolutions may be helpful. Consider that browsers will use some screen real estate for their title bar, address bar, favorites bar, status bar, scroll bars, etc. A minimum size of 800 x 600 is reasonable for most desktop, laptop and tablet computers. Whatever size is selected as the minimum, the user will be able to scroll the webpage if the content area of their browser is smaller.

Simulating size can be done by adjusting the size of your browser and/or the resolution of your monitor. The higher the physical resolution of your monitor, the better.

Better trust your own stats of your websites or of your customers. I am showing you the stats of one of mine to give you a number but keep in mind that all usage numbers depends on who your audience is and how they are using your website.

If you want to reach out public end users better do not rely on fixed Pixel Layouts. We live in a responsive, mobile first world.

Thanks for the stats and advice guys.
One of the biggest problems I have, and I am sure all or most others do too, is getting the size of the screen when shown. I can only seem to get the actual size after a resize event occurs.