Small x86

UP Core, the smallest QuadCore x86 single board computer

I give a Like+ This is promising.
UP board

And also Dutch :slight_smile:

We have several UPBoard’s sold with our Xojo daemons running on top off Ubilinux which are performing very well.
I’m really happy with it because it’s serious professional stuff.

@Jaap Cammeraat : have you got UPBoards in the field, with your daemon installed, running 24/7 ?

Yes, ten or so, but a lot of potential for more this year :slight_smile:

They are running 24/7 in a closed box, connected to our cloudserver with desktop app’s win/mac and connected to a self-developed PCB with some MCU’s and other hardware for doing things with modbus, relais and sensor’s . All client/server software is compiled Xojo and for a MCU we use C++.

What we really want is some Xojo plugin/kit/wrapper for using the i2c and spi stuff on it’s gpio connector. I’m not good enough in all that Linux stuff to create it by myself. LIBMRAA is doing this but I don’t know how to use it within Xojo.

I doubt if you can get enough control over the i2c and spi bus using Xojo.

I would let these i2c and spi stuff to an esp8266 module, programming it with arduino ide.
then communicate to the Pi with wifi, or an spi ethernet module on the esp8266 also in a rude industrial environment.
let the user interface with xojo on the pi, and all the sensors on an 8266-arduino.

I won’t do heavy stuff with these i2c / spi pins.
But for simple tasks like display every minute of so on a OLED screen, the i2c is good enough and not really a must for using a mcu.

At this moment we use seceral MCU’s to do all the ‘special’ tasks.
WiFi is something we don’t prefer, because a cabled ethernet device is far more stable in our situation.
Because ethernet/tcp/client/server on a MCU is weak, we choose the linux/x86/xojo combo.
Forget Pi, that’s a toy for school and hobby :slight_smile:

I understand the difference, but still the Pi is A VERY GOOD PRODUCT, and often USEFUL too.