Small website Cost

I’m trying to Compare the yearly cost of a Xojo-Made “new” website…against other Web builder Tools.
Target is:
- small traffic, 20 concurrent users, basic database driven Administrative type website.


  • Hosting plan (50$/mth)
  • the Xojo Web (400$) License
    …is there any other Xojo elements I should ye tinclude for a more precise estimate ?

    Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re connecting to a database other than SQLite you will need Xojo Database Access @ $300.00.

Ok, I’ll have to include that then :slight_smile:

*isn’t there a “RealStudio” built in Db type - or is it just another name for the SQLite ?

The RealStudio DB type is now SqliteDatabase in Xojo. You won’t need the database access if you can get away with using SQLite.

I’ve read posts from several users that have successfully used the SQLite database in a web app.

You can also use MySQL, no need for the DB license.

Thanks Guys, nice to get your fast replies :slight_smile:
How about a PostGresql Db then… Iguess that would require the paid DB Lic, nop ?

MySQL requires a Xojo DB license.


The absolutely brilliant thing about the Xojo IDE being free is that you don’t need any licenses at all to run a Xojo App, you just can’t build it. So you could install xojo on a server in your office and run the entire app in debug mode. And because Web Apps are built standalone in Debug mode you don’t need much in the way of a server. If this app was for internal use a Mac Mini would do the job and be the db host as well (and you wouldn’t need the 50$ hosting cost either). You’re only talking 20 users here! If you want to run on Windows though you’ll need a Server license to overcome the artificial limitations on the Workstation OS versions.

If your application is available to the public don’t do any of this - you need a built version of your app.

Thanks Wayne,
Yep I realized that very cool Xojo feature and may go that way if any Client shows up with such an intranet need !
Meanwhile I have to target the internet config.

Another DB license Question :

  • Would my Xojo 2013 allow me to test a Postgresql based WebApp (dev version not production) - without buying the DB Lic, still ?
    I can install a server, I just don’t know if I would need to buy the DB Licence along.

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