Small Color Screen Suggestions

I am looking for a small color screen that will work with a Pi and Xojo. Something about 3 inches or so (diagonal) would be good but not much larger. Even 2 inches would be OK. I have seen some 3.5 inch screens on Amazon and other places that are even touch screens but I don’t know if they will work with Xojo. The touch function is not critical but would be nice.

Does anybody have any specific experience?

A touch screen often just simulates mouse clicks so that will work just fine.

I use this one on my test Pi units and as my throttle panel for JMRI on my model railroad:

LANDZO 3.5 Inch Touch Screen 320480

The touch screen just provides mouse clicks as Albin says.

Thanks Tim. Wow, and cheap too.

I second Tim’s suggestion. The same little display is resold under various brand names. Also check eBay for a case that holds the Pi and display in one unit.

That one’s only 320x480, but there are some that are full 1080P if you want to up the price.

I saw a project to make a crazy eyeball for part of a Halloween costume. It was based on an Arduino and you put the whole thing in a jar or a pouch with a hole cut out. The eyeball video was essentially an animated GIF to display a moving and blinking eye based on a graphic that was an “Eye of Newt”.

It was pretty cool and I think I will try to reproduce it with a Pi and Xojo.

Here is a YouTube video of the project: YouTube

A screen size of 320x480 is probably OK but if I could get a better resolution for only a few more dollars I would consider.

Thanks for all of the feedback.