Slow transfer-speed in my website

first of all, by “my website” I mean my website hosted on a web-hosting located in USA.
Now, the problem is that downloading files using any browser (Safari, Firefox, Edge etc.) takes a long time.
For instance, I uploaded a 27-Mega file on Dropbox: on my slow internet wifi connection, downloading it takes slightly more than a minute.
Downloading the same file from “my” website takes at least 7 minutes.
I downloaded both files also from other wifi connections, but the difference in speed remained the same.

Of course I contacted the hosting company, but they say that they (in USA) do not see any slowdown and everything looks OK. Same response from friends from abroad (Italy).

So, any suggestion/advice on the matter’d be more than welcome.

BTW, I noticed that while downloading the file from Dropbox, browsers correctly show something like: 3 out of 26.7 Mega.
But downloading from the website, browsers only show “3 Mega”. In fact, checking with with a Xojo made in house-app, the debugger shows the length of the file to be downloaded = 0. May be this could be a clue to understand what’s going on.
Thanks again.

I assume you are talking about the download via a Xojo App, right? What do you mean with:

Same response from friends from abroad (Italy)

Does this mean, it is only slow for you, but all good in the US and in Italy?

No, this happens using browsers like Safari, Firefox on the Mac, and Edge on PC Windows.
The test done with a Xojo made app was intended to check for the Content-Length header (resulting as 0 zero).

Yes, all good in the US and in Italy, but here (Bangladesh) good when downloading from Dropbox but slow when downloading the same file from my website.

That can have million of reasons, but I bet that DropBox has mirrored Servers (CDN or whatsoever) in region, but your website has not. Something like might help you to get rid of the latency, or a provider offering you a a server in your region. Other possible issues: your connection, firewalls, proxies , you name it …

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That’s one of the things I feared.

you can try some of the many available global speed test solutions to tackle the issue down:

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