slow starting exe

I built an exe and tested it on my local machine. It worked fine. When I copy it to the network drive, which is where users are used to running their exes from, it is very slow to start…about a minute. Has anyone else seen this?

That would be expected behaviour… especially if the EXE require itself to page code in and out during execution (a very common thing). And something that is not unique to XOJO.

Will bet if you start if from a local drive it will start much faster…

Some slowness is expected, but a minute seems extreme. You must have a lot of back and forth communication with the network drive for some reason. Are you accessing files in the working directory? Next to the app? Do you use GetFolderItem with just a file name and not path?

What is your code in app.Open and

Something to consider is that your antivirus will scan the program and anything in the folder and sub-folders before allowing the program to run. Since this is on a network drive this will happen every time the program runs. It would be better to have the program installed locally and check for updates if changes are made.

Thanks Bob; it was the antivirus.