Slider value TextField.Backcolor Solved

Hello, (Never mind ReadOnly was on, now that it’s off all is well)

Windows 10…
Xojo 2015 R 4.1

I have this code in a timer…

[code]TextField1.Text = Str(Slider1.Value)
dim samt,eamt as double
dim e, s As Color

s = &c00FF00
e = &cFF0000

samt = 1 - (Slider1.Value/Slider1.Maximum)
eamt = Slider1.Value/Slider1.Maximum

TextField2.BackColor = rgb(( * samt) + ( * eamt), ( *samt) + ( * eamt), ( * samt) + ( * eamt))

TextField2.Invalidate   'TextField2.Refresh[/code]

TextField1.Text updates as the slider is moved but TextField2.BackColor does not any at all.

What could be the problem? and how can I fix that?



probably because you color never changes?

if slider max is 100
and slider value it 25

which totals 1.00

and slider value it 33

which total 0.99 (ie. 1.00)

so what changes?

Thanks Dave, Never mind ReadOnly was on, now that it’s off all is well.

Thanks again.


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