SKProductMBS re-subscribe?

I am adding InApp purchases and subscriptions to a new macOS app for the MAS. The products are OK. I also have defined a range of subscription options and they are showing up in my app as available. The user can click on them and, if they purchase them, will have their expiry date extended.

Option 1: user never re-subscribes
Not a problem as I know when their expiry date is. When they next log in, they get warnings, and eventually reduced/stopped service.

Option 2: user does re-subscribe
How do I know if/when they renew? Do I need to do a product request each login?
Is it correct that Apple handles the renewal request (whether accepted or cancelled, and I am informed after the fact), or do I need to prompt the user?

You could check receipt on startup or query for products.
Not sure. Maybe you first check on Apple’s website how they would do it in Objective-C.

And as you got it working, how about writing a little blog entry about how to use StoreKit in Xojo?

did you manage to solve?
I have the same problem and I do not know how to check the renewals managed by apple.

No, I did not solve this issue.

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