simple way to port forward in software?

Hi Guys,

is there a simple way to port forward in XOJO?

My app uses both TCP and UDP and I am finding I am having to customize these ports for clients to work around there network.
Basically what I want is a simple way of sending TCP port 123 to my actual port of 1233 and UDP port 456 to my actual port of 4566.
The aim is to make a separate app which can be configured by a TEXT file to run in addition to my app.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.


I just want to make sure: you are aware of the various possibilities to do server-side port forwarding, without the need to write an extra xojo app to achieve this?

A quick search on this forum should bring up several threads on this topic.

Why not just use that simple text file to define which ports you listen on… Or better yet, a prefs screen in your app?