Simple Text File Output

Hi, I’m just working through some simple programming as I learn more about XOJO. I am working with the latest version of XOJO v 2016r2.

In my test app, I’m just generating some strings and want to send them to a text file comma delimited so I can read in a very simple spreadsheet app.

I noticed from the the documentation a few different ways to send text to a file via the ouputstream control.

I followed the basic example in the documentation but kept getting syntax errors where it looks like I do not have them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for 2016r2?

Thanks much,


Perhaps post the code that is generating the errors?

We can teach you to fish, but can’t sit on the pier for you :slight_smile:

Kem, yes I’ll post, thanks,

Dave, your’s is not the typical attitude on these forums is it?

Yes, Mr. Kelly… actually it is… how can we help you if we don’t know what you tried? What errors you got? Why you are confused about why you got those errors? How can we help you better understand (ie. learn) if we don’t have a path to help guide you down?

Could we post a fully documented, coded sollution to your percieved situation? Sure we could, but where is the learning experience? To be a good developer, you need to be able to analyze a given situation, and derive a workable solution, not have one handed to you.

Jon, we’re all volunteers here, often with busy schedules (except for @Michel Bujardet who does not seem to sleep), and although many of us are eager to help, you’ll get better, quicker, more detailed advice if you get as specific about your issue as possible, including code, what you’ve tried, etc. I think we were both, in our own way, trying to encourage you to do that.

Last time I checked, you do not need to use a comma to separate the fields: you can use the older but still good Tab as field separator…

BTW:are you able to type a Tab in your TextEdit ?