Simple subsciption manager

Hello, is there any add-on or piece of code related to a simple subsciption manager (montly payments or feature per use etc)

What platform is this for? If you’re looking for a desktop add on, I have a number of folks waiting on my investigations into FastSpring subscriptions with my end to end Xojo code DRM system. If you have any specific needs now is a great time to add them to my list!


Thanks Tim, Forgot to mention that i need it for using with my xojo web app at which is free but thinking to offer some features (eg access to particular pages) per use or with subscriptions

Support payments with paypal is a must, in my opinion.
Also, the solution should be compatible with Xojo2018 web versions

Other suggestion is a tool that allow users to manage mouse click kn objects. Either by disabled scroll, left or roght click or certain items from the menu opened such as download, print , copy, paste, etc or user can add object-related menu items for the object used…