Simple Linux 64-bit desktop application problem

I’m running Xojo 2018 r3 on an iMac with MacOS 10.14.1. I also can run Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Desktop under Parallels.

I found one of my applications built for Linux x86 64-bit with the current Xojo version would not run on my Linux when the application was double-clicked. Others of my 64-bit Linux applications built with previous versions of Xojo ran with no problems. So I created a “Hello World!” project for 64-bit Linux and found it also would not run.

Is this a problem specific to my Ubuntu 14.04 and my current version of Xojo or does it happen with other 64-bit versions of Linux?


It’s not that it doesn’t support 64bit Linux, it now requires GTK3. Your installation is still GTK2. You will need to step back to an older version of Xojo for GTK2 support or install GTK3/GNOME onto your Ubuntu 14 system.

Thank you Tim. I installed Linux Gnome and everything now works.