Simple app on Raspberry Pi to send datas to Filemaker Server

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a very simple app (running on Pi) whose purpose is to read a RFID card ID and send it to Filemaker Server 16 running on a local Mac.

Ultimately I thought to write the ID and a Timestamp in a SQLite DB on the Pi and fetching the datas from Filemaker but I prefer the first option if possible.

Any ideas?


Not sure wether you can find an odbc driver for Linux to connect to FileMaker.

But you can use MBS FileMaker Plugin to connect from FileMaker to the SQLite database.


why not simply send the rfid tag into a shared folder on the server, then have filemaker read the rfid tag as a simple file name ?
an rfid tag does not need a sql database to be stored. just my 0.02.

I would use an FMP: URL addressing the FM server:
You can use it to trigger a FileMaker script that puts the data included in this URL into its database.

I was thinking a solution like Ulrich mentionned earlier:

1 - Read the RFID tag’ID
2 - Send a command like: fmp://$/Entries.fmp12?script=NewEntry

But I don’t know how I can emit such a command in Xojo. Would it work using ShowURL(“fmp://$/Entries.fmp12?script=NewEntry”)?

Exactly, with the data added as parameters. The script can then pull them as local variables.

EDIT: Plus you should of course add the IP as you are addressing the server on another machine – all like in the document link I sent.

I have set a little test from Xojo to a FMP DB hosted on my laptop. It works as expected. However the trouble is that my solution is hosted on the LAN but with FMPS. It seems that we can’t address FMPS with such FMP URL.

I have read that FMPS can be accessed using a new DATA API.

Anyone has experience with this?