Similar filter as SQL Distinct

Hi everybody
Is there an existing filter or a workaround to get the same result of the SQL distinct on a listbox colomn
to get only one instance of a duplicate data

What is the source data you are using to populate the listbox?

dump them all into a dictionary as the key’
then populate your listbox from the dictionary

The data is the page size of each page (2000) of pdf (parse by applescript)
Thanks Dave… I really dont know how dictionary works
But if you said its the way to achieve this
I will dig on

I was thinking you could load the data into an in memory db then you would have SQL syntax to output to the listbox the way you want.

dim d as new dictionary
d.value("data element1")=true
d.value("data element2")=true
d.value("data element1")=true
for keys in d
   listbox.addrow keys

this is off the top of my head… but “data elementx” is you data… this example would end up with only two items in the dictionary as data element1 was there two times… the value of true is just a dummy to make the dictionary “happy”

Yes i was thinking to use the database but i search for a more fluid process
Must be part of automation process without human interaction
I will consider (mean try) both solution
Thank you both Dave and Rich

When you connect to a sqlite database without supplying a file, it creates a database in memory. You can then create a table and populate it. Seems like the dictionary is considerably less work, and probably the same in performance.

The dictionary work perfect
and pretty fast
Thank you