Silly Question About Xojo 2020 R2

I know this is probably a pretty stupid question, but I don’t see where you can choose the build settings for macOS for Universal or the new Apple Silicon? Under Build Architecture, I just have x86 64-bit.

What macOS version is running in your Mac?

From the Docs:

macOS Mojave (10.14) or higher is required to build for Apple Silicon. See below for iOS requirements.

Thanks Javier. I though it may be something like that. I was working on a machine with 10.13.6. I will switch to the 11 machine. Thanks again.

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Perhaps a future version of Xojo could still display the ARM and Universal options, but indicate either next to the label or when selected, what the user needs to do in order to get this to work?

Its a design pattern that I’m trying to get used too, which helps Users understand why they can’t do things at a certain time.

I agree with that, but I’d also suggest that the option to be disabled (possibly with a label or a tool tip telling the reason).
If the option looks enabled, one might first think it’s doable (without even clicking the option), develop a huge application (or not huge…) and finally gets frustrated because it won’t compile.

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We started that way, but we’re getting complaints about that too.

Unfortunately a popupmenu doesn’t have a way to disable individual items.

Can’t help with that…

I can help with this. The screenshot below is a Xojo Popup menu.

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Would work on Windows too?

Even if not, a menu shown with “MenuItem.Popup” would do it too.

Sorry man, I only know how to do it for the Mac.

However building a menu and then displaying it in the control would give you x-plat.

You can get NSPopUpButtonMBS from the PopupMenu, then get it’s NSMenuMBS and set flag on the NSMenuItemMBS to disable it.

Xojo would certainly have to show this menu on other platforms, when compiling to Mac gets resolved there.

Yes, that’s what I actually meant.


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But the option to compile for different Mac platforms must be presented also to Windows and Linux users, when compiling for Mac gets resolved; so it’s not worth doing it on the Mac if it’s not doable on the other systems.

For Windows, I know you can set flags for the menu, too.
But the problem is that we may not get the hook to do it between Xojo building menu and showing it.

Same limitations we’ve had for years for similar things with menus…
But I remember 10 years ago, we couldn’t even use declares on menu items to, e.g., group alternate items with different shortcuts (cmd-W and cmd-option-W, for instance). Things evolve…

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