Silly question about Go to

When selecting a call to a method, using the right button opens a popup with a very useful option “Go to nameOfMethod” that bring you to see the method. But!… it open it in the same tab. I always wondered if there is an option somewhere, I never found, that allow me to open it in a NEW tab.

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I understand your question.

Workaround idea:

Open a new Workspace,
Go to the same Tab and use that Go To.

You will have two windows displaying the two areas you want to watch.

a b c

Thanks Emile, I know this workaround, also the option to block the Tab and then the Go To opens in a new tab.
Both options are not clean for me, I wondered if was just me that I think an option to open i new tab will be a very nice feature.

He’s talking about the IDE.

No, about navigator.

You should be able to hold down the Command (MacOS) or Control (Windows/Linux) key while selecting from the menu or double-clicking to have it open in a new tab.

Sorry but this doesn’t work for me.
I’m using Mojave, and using the command as you said, opens the method in the same Tab.

The workaround that I use is to lock the tab before selecting go to.

But this works bizarre, it really no open a new tab, it looks for any other already open tab and open the method here.