Signed App reports 'unidentified developer'

On a couple of machines this week, the app is being blocked as ‘unidentified developer’ .
Both are OSX 10.8
I recently started shipping as 64 bit… is it possible that someone on 10.8 could be running a 32bit OSX?

what else could cause this?

Maybe that weird signature expiration thing that happened? (that I don’t have any specifics of, just a vague memory)

Yeah, checked that out.
All looks fine, and one of the users now reports its OK with a 32bit build.
(Which obviously got resigned in the process of preparation, so two variables changed…)

Just curious as to what OS vers. you were using to sign these apps. Was it 10.12 (Sierra)?

How did you sign ?

OSX 10.12
App Wrapper 3.6.4

So far, only 3 reports of this from the same download file.

…continuing the saga of weird things when signing with 10.12. I just bought an old MacBook so I can go back to signing with 10.11 while still running and testing on 10.12 with my main machine. Will see how that works