Signature capture pads in Xojo


I have a customer that want to use a signature capture pad in an application. The kind of Wacom STU-430 / STU-530. I’ve never used one of these (programming i mean, yes signed on one) and have no idea if is possible to use with Xojo or not.

Anyone has used it and can give some directions about it or knows about some library/class to use?


Hi @JosMaraTerryJimnez

I’ve not worked with any of these before, but maybe you can take a look to their SDKs. I mean, ways to interface between the hardware and the app, ways to process and present the data to the app

Probably there’s a way they can be accessed from a Xojo app without hassles. As far I have seen, they SDKs are compatible only with Windows/Linux.

You can ask for access to the SDKs here.


Thanks Javier,

I found the SDK link in their Web, but it’s strange for me have to write them!, i guess i’ll need to do just to see what they have. Also there is 2 SDKs and must choose one of then when writing. Weird. Other maker has the SDKs available, but here seems easier to buy the Wacom’s ones. For example: Topaz:

The Topaz’s desktop sdk is available as object C (so you can create a plug-in around it), and as an ActiveX component for Windows… that would be great always the ActiveX component is 100% compatible with Xojo… sometimes this is not the case.