Signature and Picture?

Could someone please tell me where the forum is getting my picture from???
Also, is it not possible to attach a signature to posts anymore?


I assume you have a Gravatar account linked to your email?

I believe you’re correct about the signature, though. The forum framework, esotalk, is still under development and has changed considerably since we started using it in February.

I dont even have a gravater account ! :frowning:

How about a Wordpress account? Recently Wordpress merged the two.

maybe you do and dont realize it.

as for the signatures… there arent any and that is by design.

I definitely have NO gravatar or wordpress account - not now or ever???

Not a very good design in my estimation.

In that case, the Internet just knows your face. :wink:

Well Gravatar works from a hash of your email address. Sounds like the other possibility is that you are one of the rare unlucky people to have a hash collision.

I would recommend signing up at Gravatar just in case.

Poop :frowning:

Are you a Doctor? I saw your current picture in a Medical Forum.

How on earth did you remember my photo from a medical forum you once looked at ???

i said the same thing when I was first introduced to it. now I like it.

Already explained privately. :wink: