Sierra's casualties

I never had any trouble with Photoshop Elements 12, until the last release of Sierra, 10.12.2 beta (16c32e). Now it has broken Photoshop Elements 12, as well as its installer.

It had likewise broken Quark XPress, but it is a more usual occurrence, possibly voluntary from the publisher (VERY expensive upgrades yum yum) .

I am going to install the Windows program in CrossOver. At least, I’ll be able to continue work :confused:

OK. Tried Elements 15, it crashes when saving Psd files.


Okay, I’ll bite. You’re on a beta OS. Do they work on the released version of Sierra (10.12.1)?

Of course they work in the release. But seeing this happen may mean that apps may not run quite as well with the next release.

The whole purpose of betas is to see in advance what’s coming.

Did you add a bug ticket at Adobe?

Yes, I filed a report for Elements 15.

Installed Elements 15 demo and it is working fine here on my MBPr 15 running 10.12.2 beta16c32e
Tried to load several files including .psd file. No crashes here.

Now, try to save a psd or a png over an existing one. That is how I reliably crash here.

Did a quick test. No crashes here.