Side effect of a mask in a Listbox Cell at edit time

Under some circumstances… and using a Listbox:

I generate a list from what is stored in a folder (much complex than that, but this is enough for the report) that I can load in a Listbox. There will always be some editing to do before (and ?) after the import because of the nature of the people who creates the files in the source folder.

I added some days ago an automatic mask (####-##-##) for columns where the “Date” word exist in the column name (header).

So far, so good, excepted on two occasions:

a. in the import feature, sometimes the date hold also other things…

b. In copy/paste, sometimes nothing is pasted (either more than 10 characters / there are two dates together, whatever).

How to get ride of these ?
The a (above) case:
Copy everything that is not part of the date and paste it in another column (Cut will not work), then delete everything that is not the date)
if you have stuff before and after the date, copy everything in another Cell, extract the date part and Paste it back into the Date column.

It is impossible to edit a Cell with a Mask IF that Cell holds something that is not a number / not a Date. (imagine a date in DD-MM-YYYY, French format: you have to copy it elsewhere and change its format there, then copy/paste it to the right place).

The b (above) case:
If you want to paste a date in a Date Cell (with a Mask) and nothing appears, do the Paste in another Cell, edit it there and Cut / Paste in the correct Column.

I do not think these can be considered as bugs per se, but they are annoyances especially when you do not know how to workaround them.

Now you know.

And now that I know, I am asking myself if the plus of the Mask vs the minus of these annoyances is useful or useless… if I let that feature in or if I will remove it.

And your opinion is ?