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Is it possible to pass subject and body of an email message to the mailto function of ShowURL

If the answer is no and that I need to use the EmailMessage Class then I will need to post a further message. The sample project shipped with Xojo (2016 r2.1) doesn’t work as I get the following message when running the example:

Error: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. m186sm7170796oia.21 - gsmtp

Using gmail as the smtp server and as both to and from email address…

The “MailTo” really does all I need to do except provide a subject and possible attach a file.

see for gmail settings

I am able to use the EmailSSLExample from 2016r2.1 to send email using Gmail.

As far as Mailto:, it’s syntax is described on the Wikipedia page:


I have made several attempts to use the EmailSSLExample and continually get a password error or one that says I should use the web login. Is there something I must do outside of the app to establish the connection?

I don’t recall changing anything on my Gmail settings for it to work, but this thread suggests an App password might be needed:

I could suggest trying MBS CURL Plugin.


Definitely use an app password for Gmail or lower the security. And don’t do mass mail sending with Gmail.

I can use mailto: to open an email in the default email application. It can have a recipient, subject and HTML body, but is there a way to add an attachment?
I have tried:


but cannot get it to work.

As an alternative, is there an AppleScript to create an email message?

@David Cox: